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Lighting Consultancy


From a simple car park to a fully documented major project.  Rubidium Light are fiercely independent lighting consultants with a love for light.  We will make your project shine.

Field Auditing


Rubidium Light are the creators and manufacturers of the world’s first UGV specifically designed for audit of large lit areas  e.g. sports fields.  We also offer field services for all lighting applications.

Obtrusive Light


We understand light and how to reduce it’s unwanted impacts.  At Rubidium we have a deep understanding of AS4282 including the 2019 revision.  We assist councils to understand its application and to ensure all your installations comply.



We understand the impact lighting can have on occupants and the potential for harm.  We can quantify these impact and create measures to mitigate these effects.  From blue light to flicker we have the solution.

Sports Lighting


At Rubidium Light sports lighting is one of our specialities ensuring compliance with relevant standards including obtrusive light.

Dark Sky


Lighting is an important part of our exterior experience to promote aesthetic outcomes and a feeling of safety but never at the expense of the wider environment.  We assist all our client in the analysis of their impact on their surrounding. 

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