Obtrusive Light

Light Pollution from Space

Revision of AS/NZS4282 and it’s impacts to signage

As lighting professional we pride ourselves on our deep understanding of all relevant Australia Standards. In some cases we even help shape their creation.  The currently proposed revision of 4282 is going to effect industries that it has never before. We know the proposed standard and can help ensure you comply with its requirements. 

Obtrusive Light

Rubidium Light uses Australia Standard AS/NZS4282 as a basis for all our design work.  This is included for all projects when relevant information is available.  We see this as the minimum requirements for good lighting outcomes.

We pride ourselves on understand the undesired effects of lighting and engaging good practise developed by us to ensure lit projects with highly mitigated unwanted effect caused by light.

Flora and Fauna

Rubidium Light has a depth of knowledge which allows us to apply this to areas outside what maybe considered lighting design territory.  We can offer our specific knowledge of light to ensure the unwanted effects of light can be mitigated not only to humans but to flora and fauna specific to a project's location.

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