Lighting Consultancy

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Why is Rubidium Light different

Lighting Design is the corner stone of our business.  With over 50 years combined experience, Rubidium Light can offer lighting solutions not available anywhere else. 

We are fiercely independent and actively manage our relationships to ensure our ability to offer a critical approach to all our project.

Project Design

Rubidium Light has worked on many large and small projects from tennis courts to 5 star hotels.  We specialize in light which allows us to service all aspects of its application.

Our knowledge of light allows us to effectively manage the lighting for whole projects working closely with other consultants to achieve award winning outcomes.

Design and Construct

Rubidium Light was founded to supply highly affordable lighting design services to D&C projects. 

We take our lighting knowledge and leverage it to provide customers, in the construction industry, with access to lighting outcomes not achievable when dealing directly with manufacturers.  

We can ensure you end result is exactly as intended and maximize fiscal outcomes.


Rubidium Light uses the latest lighting design and computer aided drafting software to filter and display lighting solutions for our customer.  We aim to provide solutions that are easy to understand and implement.