Light Auditing


World's First UGV For Light Measurement

Rubidium Light is the creator and manufacturer of the world's first and only autonomous rover (UGV) for the measurement of light in large areas like sporting fields.

Why is auditing important?

When it comes to sports, auditing becomes extremely important when we consider the likelihood of injury and insurance.  Many sporting authorities provide group insurance policy for their clubs, as a condition to receive affordable insurance, they require the periodic audit of resultant lighting levels to relevant standards. 

We can offer a quick and easy solution to your auditing needs.  Make a booking below giving us at least 24 hours notice and we will come to your field.  We provide the fastest and most accurate auditing service available using our proprietary Rubidium Rover. 

if you need you report fast we can email it to you before we leave.  Just another reason to choose Rubidium Light.