rubidium rover features

Speedy response

Our team can act upon requests in hours.  We can provide a Mission File for your audit and have you in the field that night.

Accurate point location

At Rb we use the most accurate aerial images or GPS data to identify the outline of area to be measured and points can be placed exactly as per the relevant Australia Standard.  No more on-site guessing.

In the field

Once at a location Rubidium Rover is placed on the ground, Mission File uploaded and sent on its way.  A soccer field can get audited in as little as 6 minutes.  Traditional methods take over 2.5 hours.

Report Creation

After the on-site process a log file is used to create a report file.  These reports are created using our proprietary software which self audits results and provides a report in the format of your choice.

Technical details

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