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Introduction to Rubidium Rover

What is Rubidium Rover

Rubidium Rover is a UGV or unmanned ground vehicle designed and built right here in Australia to conduct large are audits of lighting installations e.g sport fields, car parks, etc.

How does it work

Rubidium Rover uses the latest in GPS and inertial measurement units to find its location on earth.  This data is used to create exact audit path to the required Australian Standard.  Lighting level are continuous logs during the path of the audit and this information is analysed by our propriety software to create accurate lighting audit reports. 

Interested in an lighting audit or getting your own Rubidium Rover?

Do you want your field audited?


We are always on the lookout for lighting professional to perform lighting audits in their local area.  A cost effective franchise system is available to get your hands on your very own Rubidium Rover!

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